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How LearnWorlds SDRs Booked 33% more meetings using Klenty

Teams using Klenty

Inbound Sales

  • Centralized the complete inbound

  • Booked 33% more meetings

  • SDRs have become more trained and


  • No centralized strategy in place
  • Hours wasted on manual data entry
  • Too many tasks. Too less time

About LearnWorlds:

LearnWorlds is a powerful, easy-to-use, and reliable training solution for individuals and enterprises. A fully customizable, white-label solution to train employees and associates, educate customers or sell online courses to a wide audience.


“LearnWorlds was doing a couple of non-organized, non- centralized stuff”

Antonis Askianakis

Head of Sales at LearnWorlds

When Antonis Askianakis joined LearnWorlds as the Head of Sales, he immediately spotted the biggest gap in their inbound pipeline generation: the lack of a standardized process for their BDRs to execute.

Reps were living in Activity Chaos- executing email and call follow-ups at random.  While manually qualifying and running campaigns drained hours from their day.

As a result, they were unable to get leads to reply, meaning they were losing potential customers to competitors.

And with no insight into what activities moved leads forward at every pipeline stage, lead engagement decayed, deals stalled and questions on sales performance became harder to answer.

Antonis decided the only solution to bleeding pipeline was to guide rep execution with a Sales Engagement Platform that would

  • Align his team to a centralized playbook
  • Increase Speed-to-Lead
  • "How to standardize sequences such that best practices are followed by every sales rep on the team?"
  • Integrate deeply with Pipedrive CRM, automate tedious manual work and save hours


“I like the idea of automation and implementation”

Antonis Askianakis

Head of Sales at LearnWorlds

That was when he landed on Klenty.

Klenty helped LearnWorlds execute systematic sales outreach and wave goodbye to irregular follow-up

Finally, Antonis could automate and standardize the following sales processes:

  • Routing leads to the right sales sequences from inside Pipedrive
  • Running sales sequences to leads using multiple channels at scale
  • Moving leads to the next stage in the pipeline on a reply or a meeting booked
  • Creating tasks for leads based on their stage
  • Capturing activity and engagement data inside Pipedrive from Klenty

Here’s how LearnWorlds increased their volume of meetings booked by 65%

1 Import leads from within Pipedrive with a single click

As soon as reps qualified a lead, they could automatically add them to a sequence or manually push leads into sequences in ONE click using Klenty’s native widget inside Pipedrive.


Reps were able to save a lot of time as they could add leads to Klenty with a single click

2 Create a standardized outreach process

Klenty’s Sales Sequences helped LearnWorlds execute a centralized playbook spanning email, call, SMS, and Linkedin touchpoints

Automated follow-up guided reps to contact leads consistently and in a timely manner, generating deeper engagement.

LearnWorlds could set up various filters in Pipedrive for segments of leads - based on geography, lead status type, etc and route them to different sequences in Klenty.


Reps become more organized as they followed a standardized process

Automatically create activities in Pipedrive based on engagement in Klenty

LearnWorld’s sales outreach process involved creating different activities in Pipedrive for ‘Persons’ and ‘Deals’ based on engagement like email opens, clicks, and moving leads to the next stage on a positive reply.

With Klenty, reps could automate this entire workflow using Triggers and Actions.

Be it

  • Creating an activity in Pipedrive when an email was sent from Klenty
  • Assigning an activity for both Person and Deal on a reply
  • Moving deals to the next stage on reply
  • Creating an activity for both Person and Deal when there was a meeting booked in Calendly

Klenty reduced the entire busywork down to a click, saving hours and ensuring LearnWorlds’s Pipedrive data stayed updated in real-time.


LearnWorlds’s reps focused their time on critical activities, increasing their meeting volume from 120/ month to 160/ month.

“We managed to move from 120 - 160 booked meetings per month, Klenty takes a big part in this success, because now the SDRs are more trained and organized”

Antonis Askianakis

Head of Sales at LearnWorlds


By adding a system of action to their Pipedrive CRM, LearnWorlds was able to:

  • Standarize their inbound sales development process
  • Ensure every rep adhered to a centralized playbook
  • Book 33% more meetings

Standardize your sales outreach process and book more meetings with Klenty