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Email Shield

The Complete Email Deliverability Suite

Improve your reputation, maintain inbox health and land in your prospect’s inbox every time, all with one tool.

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Email Warmup

Improve your reputation with ease

  • Generate positive interactions like 'mark as not spam' and 'mark as important' during your cold outreach with our warmup tool.
  • Automate your warmups and fly under the radar of spam filters.
  • Easily track how many emails were delivered or landed in spam within the warmup.

Automate your warmup process completely

Inbox Insights

Identify where your mails are landing — inbox, spam, or promotions

  • View reports on where all your emails land, including the number and percentage of emails sent, undelivered, or landed in spam.
  • Instantly improve inbox rate and mend deliverability issues with suggested improvements.
  • View your reach with specific recipient providers and detailed insights on inbox health.

Know exactly where your emails land

Email Validation

Steer clear of risky or invalid emails

  • Automatically remove invalid and risky addresses from your sequences.
  • Verify your mailing list to see if you’re reaching out to valid and existing IDs with ease.
  • Save time by automatically validating all email IDs as and when you import them into Klenty.

Decrease bounce rates


Email warm up

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  • tickWarm Up
  • tickInbox Insights

Email Validation



1000 email IDs



5000 email IDs



25000 email IDs



100000 email IDs

* The credits expire every month.

Coming Soon


Sender Score

See your Sender Score to accurately understand your deliverability and reach.


Spam Filter Check

Test your emails through spam filters to see if they pass through or not.


Template Analysis

Detect whether any of your emails contain spam-like content before hitting send.

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