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Engage prospects across email, call, text, and LinkedIn, all from one screen. Increase your likelihood of a response without the endless tool-switching. Hit your activity targets, book meetings faster and keep your CRM updated.

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Your Call Blitz Only Stops for
Coffee Breaks

No more dialling. Place calls and pre-recorded voicemails in
1-click with Klenty’s Dialer. Blast through your call session at break-neck speed, zero distractions. Transform into the cold calling machine you’ve always wanted to be.

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More LinkedIn Conversations.
Less Clicks.

Wave goodbye to manually struggling through LinkedIn tasks. Klenty’s LinkedIn Plugin semi-automates 99% of your LinkedIn workload, so you execute tasks in 1-click (while staying safely below LinkedIn’s strict sending limits).

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Email Outreach

Automate Your Sequences,
Amplify Your Outreach

No more spending hours on manually sending emails and follow-ups to your prospects. With Klenty, automate your email sequences and focus your attention on more selling activities. Book more meeting with less work.

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Text Message

Instant Communication at your Service

Struggling to contact prospects that don’t answer your calls or listen to your voicemails? Not anymore. Harness the power of text messaging to give them a quick gist of why you called, and increase your chances of striking a conversation.

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Multi-channel Inbox

All Communications. One Roof.

Reaching out to prospects at the right time using the right channel has never been easier. Klenty’s Multi-channel Inbox collates all prospect communication in one place. Now, stay
on top of prospect communication and achieve your targets
like a pro.

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