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Import Prospects

Easy and trouble-free importing of prospects. Upload a list of contacts into Klenty from Google Sheets, CSV files, or automatically import them from your CRM.
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Run Multi-channel Sequences

Put your entire sales outreach on auto-pilot. Engage prospects with multi-channel cadences that include emails, calls, LinkedIn, and texts. Use the right channel to increase meetings booked.
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Personalize at Scale

Make every interaction look personal. Use placeholders, liquid templates, images and videos in your campaigns and personalize to get more replies.
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Execute Follow-up Activities

Get into a focus zone and execute your daily tasks at lightning speed. Use Klenty’s Today page to get a list of all your daily activities so that you can prioritize and plan your day.


Measure Performance

Execute data-driven sales campaigns to get better results. Run A/B tests. Dig deeper into performance of cadences using Cadence Reports, teams using Team Reports, and activities using Activity Reports.
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